Posted on Mar 28, 2013

USF College of Nursing alum featured in The American Nurse publication

USF College of Nursing alum featured in The American Nurse publication

University of South Florida College of Nursing alum, Patricia Quigley, PhD, MPH, ARNP, CRRN, FAAN, FAANP, ’75, was featured in the official publication of the American Nurse Association, The American Nurse. Dr. Quigley was featured in the Publication’s latest issue for her involvement in nursing leadership and her phenomenal work on reducing patient falls.

Dr. Quigley is an Associate Director and Team Leader for Injurious Falls at James A. Haley VA Hospital in Tampa, Fla., where she leads interdisciplinary, prototype falls clinics and programs aimed at developing, testing and promoting interventions and tools to reduce falls and prevent falls-related injuries in vulnerable populations.

In addition, Dr. Quigley was the recipient of the Distinguished Alumni Award from the USF College of Nursing at its annual Coming Home celebration in February 2013.

USF College of Nursing Alum featured in the american nurse

(Right to Left). USF Nursing Alum Dr. Quigley with USF Nursing Assistant Professor Dr. Melissa Molinari-Shelton, USF Nursing alum Lee Barks, and USF Nursing Dean Dianne Morrison-Beedy, as she accepts the USF Nursing 2013 Distinguished Alumni Award during the Coming Home Ceremony. 

“I have always been clinically focused, because patient care is the heart-beat of my being as a nurse,” said Dr. Quigley in the American Nurse article. “As a nurse, though, I understand that clinical decisions are based on individual patients’ needs and clinical knowledge — implementing actions that we know will benefit a patient. Each nurse has to use expert knowledge, clinical judgment and common sense to make decisions that are population- and setting-specific.”

During her career, she has been a nurse practitioner in adult health, a clinical nurse specialist in rehabilitation, and a funded nurse researcher. In addition, she is also an expert in patient safety, program evaluation, rehabilitation, functional independence, fall and injurious fall prevention across settings, and epidemiology. Dr. Quigley’s research findings have also been published extensively and translated into practice at the national level.

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