Posted on Feb 21, 2014

Dr. Elizabeth Jordan talks healthcare technology

Dr. Elizabeth Jordan talks healthcare technology

Elizabeth T. Jordan, DNSc, RNC, FAAN, associate professor for University of South Florida College of Nursing, discussed the impact of technology in the nursing practice during an extensive interview with Channel Intel.

Betty Jordan
Dr. Jordan discusses health technology during interview with Channel Intel 

During the interview, Dr. Jordan emphasized the importance of implementation and adoption of technology in nursing. She also discussed how IT impacts patient care and how generational attitudes shape the adaption of health IT. She was interviewed by Channel Intel’s Joan D. Hankin, MSN, RN, Healthcare IT Program office manager. The 12-minute interview has been published on the Channel Intel’s website and YouTube Channel.

“Technology is incredibly important in our day-to-day practice” Dr. Jordan told Hankin during the interview. “As an educator, I feel like we need to begin integrating technology into every aspect of care that we’re teaching because it is vital for students’ and their success in healthcare.”

To watch in entire interview visit Intel’s YouTube Channel here.

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