Posted on Mar 21, 2022

USF Medical Response Unit ranked number one in nation for CPR, Stryker says

USF Medical Response Unit ranked number one in nation for CPR, Stryker says

The University of South Florida Medical Response Unit ranked number one in the nation in cardiopulmonary resuscitation during a national CPR competition judged by Stryker, a national medical and surgical equipment company. The unit was recognized at the National Collegiate Emergency Medical Services Foundation (NCEMSF) conference in March.

The MRU officially launched February 14, 2020 and has since, developed a unique educational collaboration with the USF Health College of Nursing. The MRU  which includes 38 paramedics, emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and Emergency Medical Responders — runs calls from the college and Student Health Services, providing nursing students hands-on experience and training in emergency medicine.

The USF MRU made its inaugural debut at the NCEMSF conference in March 2022. More than 1,000 paramedics and EMTs from Emergency Medical Services (EMS) agencies across the nation attended. The conference showcased the national model of accredited university EMS ambulance responses and the profound impact these units can have on college campuses.

At the conference, members of USF’s MRU entered Stryker’s CPR competition. They were asked to perform CPR on a Stryker electronic manikin against the Stryker Lucas automatic compression device. The USF MRU achieved a perfect score and therefore, ranked as number one in the nation by Stryker in CPR. Additionally, the unit took home a third place medal. In total, the unit represented 2/3 of the medals awarded by Stryker during the competition.

“We competed against university EMS agencies celebrating their 60th anniversaries of EMS accreditation and proved ourselves true Bulls by demonstrating that the youth of our unit is no obstacle to our dedication to excellence,” said Austin Jared, MRU Chief Operations Coordinator and founder of the unit. “All of us who call ourselves Bulls are lucky to have such an elite group of emergency medical providers available to respond to any of our medical needs in a matter of minutes, completely free of charge.”

To request the Medical Response Unit, USF faculty, students, and staff should call (813) 974-4678. For life threatening medical, always call 911 first before any call to the MRU.

Story by Cassidy Delamarter