Posted on May 19, 2015

USF Nursing conducts ART training at Walter Reed Medical Center

USF Nursing conducts ART training at Walter Reed Medical Center

USF College of Nursing researchers and clinicians conducted the first clinical training on Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) in April at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

ART is an emerging evidence-based psychotherapy exclusively being studied at the USF  Nursing, which has shown to be an effective treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) among military service members and veterans.

University of South Florida College of Nursing

USF Nursing’s Kevin Kip, PhD, FAHA, distinguished USF Health professor, Diego Hernandez, Psy.D., clinical director and assistant professor, Laney Rosenzweig, LMFT, founder of ART and clinical research associate, and other clinical staff were invited to provide training in the basic and advanced ART protocol for military clinicians at the nation’s largest and most renowned military medical center.

Dr. Kip’s team trained 19 clinicians including psychiatrists, clinical psychologists and licensed clinical social workers. The three-day training, led by Rosenzweig, included a supervised practicum, which allows clinicians to immediately begin treating service members and veterans with PTSD.

“Conducting ART training at Walter Reed was a huge step for our research and commitment to veterans’ health here at USF Nursing,” said Dr. Kip. “Some of the clinicians we trained began using ART immediately to treat service members and veterans with PTSD. And that’s both gratifying and much needed.”

Nursing researchers and clinicians have conducted ART training at other military facilities nationally and internationally, which supports the ART studies at USF Nursing. Those centers include:

  • 75thRanger Regiment, Fort Benning, GA
  • Fort Belvoir Community Hospital, Ft. Belvoir, VA
  • University of Stirling School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health, Scotland, UK
  • CareWest OSI Clinic, Calgary, Alberta, CA
  • University of Pittsburgh Inflammatory Bowel Disease Center, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Cornerstone Counseling, Auburn, ME

USF Nursing has conducted three successful studies on ART and it’s currently on the fourth and largest study yet. This research has not only made national and international headlines, but it has also received the attention of First Lady Michelle Obama.

The college also has seven ART research and treatment sites where veterans and service members receive treatment. Those sites include:

  • Gilstrap & Associates, Orlando, FL
  • Homeless Emergency Project (HEP), Clearwater, FL
  • Cornerstone Counseling, Auburn, ME
  • Pasco County Detention Center, Land O’Lakes, FL
  • Veterans Alternative Therapy Center, Holiday, FL
  • Eagles Healing Nest, Sauk Centre, MN
  • Life Renewal Counseling, Jupiter, FL

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