Posted on May 29, 2015

Nursing faculty take disaster training

Nursing faculty take disaster training

USF Nursing faculty recently participated in a five-day disaster training program, May 18 through May 22, at the Wright State University’s National Center for Medical Readiness in Calamityville, Ohio.

Susan Perry, PhD, CRNA, associate professor, Stephen Mcghee, MSc, Bsc, PGCE, RNT, RN, VR, instructor, and June Llerena, RN, MSN, CCRN, PHRN, instructor, attended the intensive training to learn about real-world disaster scenarios. The rigorous training, offered by National Disaster Health Consortium (NDHC), is designed to develop decision-making, leadership and disaster response skills under high levels of stress.


USF Nursing faculty go disaster training

USF Nursing received a scholarship for faculty from NDHC to participate in the program. Before attending the on-site simulation training, faculty went through rigorous online coursework. NDHC provides this training to help improve healthcare professionals’ medical readiness and resiliency through disaster health preparedness, response and recovery.

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