Posted on Aug 10, 2012

USF Nursing opens four undergraduate courses as electives to all USF Students

USF Nursing opens four undergraduate courses as electives to all USF Students

The University of South Florida College of Nursing has four undergraduate courses that are  currently open for registration by any interested USF student. Each are 3 credit hours and are web-based, perfect for that elective course you have to take! Register now and learn in an inter-professional environment with nursing students.

These exciting new courses can apply to any undergraduate student interested in learning about healthcare issues like: quality improvement & patient safety, vulnerable populations, or military & veteran health. In addition, there is a course on developing web based course materials.

NSP3880: Foundations of Quality Improvement & Patient Safety

Course Overview: Provides foundational principles, concepts and methods for promoting and improving healthcare quality and patient safety at the micro-, meso-, and macro-system levels with a focus on application at the micro-system level.

  • Background and historical perspective on healthcare quality and patient safety
  •  Foundational principles and concepts of healthcare quality improvement and patient safety
  •  Quality improvement methods and processes
  • Patient safety improvement

NUR 3678: Nursing Healthcare for Vulnerable Populations

Course Overview: The course focuses on the cultural aspects of providing health-related care through experiential analysis of a selected program designed to serve a vulnerable population either here or abroad

  • Assume responsibility for professional growth through the design of an individualized clinical proposal for vulnerable populations.
  • Use theoretical concepts, research findings, and other ways of knowing to guide the creation of an individualized clinical project proposal.
  • Integrate critical thinking skills into the practice of professional nursing by developing an individualized clinical project proposal.
  • Participate in an informed critique

NSP 3147:  Web Based Education for Staff Development

Course Overview: This course provides the learner with the knowledge and skills to facilitate the development of web-based educational materials for nursing and healthcare staff.

  • Web-Based Education Definition
  • Review of Learning Theories/Styles
  • Online Teaching Strategies
  • Instructional Design Models
  • Internet Authoring and Deployment Tools
  • Educational resources on the internet
  • Storyboarding
  • Assessment

NSP 3640:  Introduction to Military and Veteran Health

Course Overview: This course will provide an introduction to the military/veteran culture and the healthcare needs and concerns related to this unique population.

  • Apply the knowledge gained regarding the unique healthcare needs of the veteran population into their nursing practice both in the veteran medical system as well as the general population.
  • Describe the continuum of care from battlefield/point of injury to home.
  • Recognize the dynamics of the military family and their role in the care of veterans.
  • Recognize the unique healthcare needs of women in the military.