Posted on Jan 22, 2010

Welcome to Spring 2010

Welcome to Spring 2010

Welcome to the spring 2010 semester and the beginning of another year at The College of Nursing at The University of South Florida. Thank you for an excellent first week of classes. 2009 was a great year at the College and we can look forward to a 2010 that is brimming with opportunity.

Congratulations again to our Fall 2009 College of Nursing Alums and to those who received an award or recognition at the Path of Light Convocation Ceremonies:

Doctoral Awards and Recognitions
Outstanding PhD Dissertation Award
Presenter – Mary E. Evans, Associate Dean of Research and Director, Doctoral Programs

  • Liwliwa Reyes Villagomeza, PhD, MS, RN
    “Shifting Paradigms: The Development of Nursing Identity in Foreign-Educated Physicians Retrained as Nurses Practicing in the U.S.”

Outstanding DNP Evidence Based Practice Project Award
Presenter – Mary Webb, Director, Doctor of Nursing Practice Program

  • Maria Ciferni, DNP, MS, CNS, ACNP-BC
    “Predictors and Evaluation of the Liver Transplant Patient with Hepatopulmonary Syndrome”
  • Genieveve J. Cline, DNP, ARNP, NNP-BC, RNC
    “Implementation of an Evidence-Based Neonatal Code Blue Class to Enhance Knowledge and Skill Retention of Neonatal Nurses”
  • Jessica Heckel, DNP, MSN, CPNP-PC
    “Influence of Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies on Maternal Outcomes in the Postpartum Period”
  • Otniel Hernandez, DNP, MS, ARNP
    “Utilization Trends of a Walk-in Clinic Health Delivery Model within a Primary Care Community Health Center by Patients at Risk for Cardiovascular Disease”
  • Lisa V. McConnell, DNP, MPH, RN
    “Diverse Forms of Violence Directed at Women: An E-Learning Module to Educate Advanced Practice Nursing Students at the University of South Florida”
  • Leila McKinney, DNP, MSN, ARNP, NP-C
    “The Utilization of Viable Primary Care Follow-Up After ED Discharge”
  • Diane McNerney, DNP, MS, NNP-BC
    “Management Guideline for Assisted Ventilation for the Nursery Intensive Care Unit at St Joseph’s Womens Hospital”
  • Raymond M. Shulstad, DNP, MS, ARNP-C, BC, DNC
    “Proportion of Follow-up Visits of Participants of Community Based Free Skin Cancer Screenings with High Risk Presumptive Diagnoses”

Masters Awards and Recognitions
Presenter – Denise Maguire, Interim Assistant Dean of Academics, Masters Program and Director, CNL Concentration
Student Registered Nurse Anesthesia Foundation at USF (SRNAF) – Graduating Officers

  • Latanya Lawrence – Senior Class President
  • Deborah Perry – Senior Class Vice President
  • Georgia Vong – Senior Class Treasurer
  • Lauryn Leverenz – Senior Class Secretary

Advanced Nursing Practice Clinical Excellence Award

  • Suzan Abduljawad – Oncology
  • Linda Bellows – Family
  • Julie Elliot – Acute Care
  • Latanya Lawrence – Nurse Anesthesia
  • Kathleen Lindblad – Clinical Nurse Leader
  • Teresa Mahan – Pediatric
  • Beth Short – Psychiatric Mental Health
  • Susan Thorsen – Adult Concentration

Advanced Nursing Practice Excellence in Nursing Education Award

  • Margaret-Jo Hayes

Outstanding Academic Excellence Award (4.0 GPA)

  • Kija Brady – Family
  • Lindy Fireline – Acute Care
  • Jena Glenn – Nurse Anesthesia
  • Erin Groundland – Nurse Anesthesia
  • Scott Haase – Clinical Nurse Leader
  • Teresa Mahan – Pediatric
  • David Seal – Nurse Anesthesia
  • Jason Silva – Nurse Anesthesia
  • Pamela Vanvliet – Nurse Anesthesia

Baccalaureate Awards and Recognitions
Presenter – Cheryl Zambroski, Interim Assistant Dean of Academics, Undergraduate Program

College of Nursing Student Council Graduating Board Members

  • Natalie Bercini – CNSC Secretary
  • Shannon Hugo – Fall 2009 Class Treasurer
  • Tara Calise – Second Degree Class Service Representative
  • Lena Johnson – Second Degree Class Treasurer
  • Janel Carpenter – Fall 2009 Class President
  • Allison Lowe – CNSC President

USF Nursing Alumni Nightingale Award
Presenter – Melissa M. Shelton, BS-PhD Student, Vice President, College of Nursing Alumni & Friends Board

  • Natalie Bercini – Traditional
  • Tara Calise – Second Degree

Outstanding Baccalaureate Student (4.0 GPA)

  • Lena Champlin
  • Wilmarie Ramirez-Vega

Clinical Excellence

  • Kayla Escobio
  • Allison Kunze

Leadership Award

  • Lena Johnson
  • Allison Lowe

Service Award

  • Janel Carpenter

Spirit of Nursing Award

  • Brittney Benson
  • Ruthanne Brown
  • Danielle Falk

Honors Awards
Cum Laude

  • Kimberly Alford
  • Caroline Anderson
  • Erica Bavol
  • Tara Calise
  • Jenny Clanton
  • Jennifer Courtney
  • Lauren DeNeve
  • Kayla Escobio
  • Victoria Graves
  • Aubree Gresham
  • Debbie Guu
  • Melisa Jean-Charles
  • Lena Johnson
  • Rebecca Kibel
  • Allison Kunze
  • Carina Orren
  • Laura Pell
  • Stacy Richardson
  • Karen Ross
  • Rachel Scott
  • Kimberly Smith
  • Jennifer Swanson
  • Jeremiah Wright
  • Kristen Wright

Magna Cum Laude

  • Courtney Abreu
  • Bethany Brown
  • Ruthanne Brown
  • Danielle Falk
  • Danielle Hoeppner
  • Megan Hudson
  • Shannon Hugo
  • Cynthia Jacobs
  • Jean Pearman
  • Jaclyn Riverol
  • Marsha Robenstine

Summa Cum Laude

  • Brandi Brannon
  • Lena Champlin
  • Mia DeAngelis
  • Amanda Hill
  • Allison Lowe
  • Wilmarie Ramirez-Vega