Collaborative Healthcare teams – Academic institutions must step up!
December 1, 2014

So the questions become, “How do we get to these integrated care teams?”    “What clinical team members do we need for our patient-centered medical homes?”       “Do we really need to have collaborative care teams at all?” Through numerous conversations, health industry leaders have shared with me that it is almost cost prohibitive […]

Interprofessional Health Initiatives – Health Systems Cannot Succeed without Them!
March 28, 2014

During the past several months, I have been engaged in a number of meetings with health professionals from almost every sector of the health system. This includes CEOs, CMOs, researchers, community-outreach professionals, hospitals, community pharmacies, federally-qualified healthcare centers, and individual health providers. It has been rewarding to hear them all accept the basic premise of the […]

Healthcare, Pharmacy, and Provider Status – We Can Do Better
March 7, 2014

“Health care harms patients too frequently and routinely fails to deliver its potential benefits. Indeed, between the health care that we now have and the health care that we could have lies not just a gap, but a chasm.” – “Crossing the Quality Chasm” A New Health System For the 21st Century – IOM Report, 2001 […]

Interprofessional…Not a Buzzword, Not an Option
January 22, 2014

Happy New Year!! In this newly minted year 2014, we find ourselves grappeling with the national implementation of healthcare reform. With each passing day, we are exposed to previously unforseen realities necessary to administer this new national model of healthcare to patients. More importantly, many paradigms that have been in existence for decades-and in some cases […]

Embracing Mobile Health Technologies- The answer to achieving Patient-Centered Care?(Part 2)
November 13, 2013

I spent last week attending the FutureMed2013 conference hosted by Singularity University.  It was a fantastic display of  futuristic technologies by the innovative souls that believe the future of health will be tied to “disruptive health technologies!” I too believe this; mobile Health (mHealth) technologies promise to change the entire patient-provider relationship.  These exponentially evolving technologies within medicine and healthcare  will prove dizzying for some, welcomed by most, and scary for the rest.  And yet, it cannot be stopped, only slowed by regulators that may not be able to keep up with […]

Emerging Mobile Health Technologies- Finally an answer to achieving Patient-Centered Care?(Part 1)
November 10, 2013

Recently I encountered a moment that gave me encouragement about the future of mobile health technologies and their acceptance by patients. While I am the dean of the USF College of Pharmacy (a member of USF Health), I still prioritize time to see patients in the ambulatory care clinic that I established almost 15 years ago. During a recent patient encounter, I was asking my patient, who is 84, if she would be able to schedule a return visit on a particular date in the near future. She said “Let me see,” […]

The Future of Pharmacy is Here…Today!!
September 17, 2013

The University of South Florida College of Pharmacy (USFCOP) continues to move forward to the Future of Health!!   From the very beginning, we sought to create a professional environment that would allow young professionals, both student and faculty, the opportunity to grow and mature along with our program.  Our goal has been to create an environment that […]