Athletic Training Class of 2022 Graduation Banquet

On Saturday, May 7, 2022, the Athletic Training Programs hosted their 2022 Graduation Banquet. The banquet is an annual tradition to celebrate the graduating students from both the professional athletic training program and the post-professional advanced athletic training program. It is also a time when the programs award scholarships, recognize outstanding students, present their medallions, and celebrate all the students’ hard work over the past two years. This year there were seventeen graduates of the professional program, and sixteen graduates of the post-professional advanced program.

The banquet was put on by the Athletic Training Student Association (ATSA) first year leadership, their advisor, and some assistance from the program faculty and staff. The ceremony started off with opening remarks from the ATSA president and then the previous president from the graduating Class of 2022, who presented the program with a class composite gift to remember them by. The event then continued with awards from both programs and the USF Athletic Medicine.

The first recognition was the David “Doc” Leffer’s Scholarships, which are awarded in recognition of former Department of Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine Chair and athletic training advocate Dr. David Leffers.  The scholarships  are given to help support students while in the program. This year’s recipients were Kayla Blair, Lindsey McIlwain, and Sarah Kult.

The next scholarship recognized was the Kennedy Family Endowed Scholarship for Athletic Training. This year’s recipients were Megan Fox, Courtney Copeland, and Kayla Blair.

The first award of the evening was the Athletic Training Program Service Award, which recognizes individuals who provide support to the program to ensure the success of the program and students. This year’s recipient was Joy Ayala-Falcon from the USF Health College of Nursing, who provides outstanding support for various simulation activities throughout the programs.


The next award was the Student Service Award, this award goes to a student that has gone above and beyond to demonstrate service to both the program and profession of athletic training.  This basically translates to never saying “no” when opportunities are presented! This year’s recipient was Megan Fox, who consistently has stepped up to help the program, promote the profession, and has contributed countless hours of service.

The next award was the Student Leadership Award, this award is given to an AT student who is voted by their peers as an outstanding student-leader. This year’s recipient was Justin McMahan, who is always positive and smiling. Through his leadership and advocacy of the profession he hopes to become the first athletic trainer in Citrus County.

Last year we created an award to honor the lasting impact a member of the Class of 2021 had on the USF Athletic Training Program.  Jhanae Ingraham was a shining beacon of positive change whose smile would literally change the mood of a room. The program has not been the same since she passed away in a car accident in June 2020, and we will forever be changed for the better by having her as a member of the Bulls family.  We wanted the accolade to highlight her passion and commitment to a better world, and to recognize a student that exemplifies these qualities through their interactions with colleagues, patients, and the world around them. Someone who may face challenges but continues to show up every day with a determined attitude to make each experience beneficial and to do it with a smile. Next was the Jhanae Ingraham Memorial Perseverance Award. This year’s recipient was J.W. Butler.

The last professional program award was the Director’s Award. The award is based on academic performance, service to the program and/or the profession, leadership, professionalism and commitment to excellence.  This year’s recipient stood out to the faculty as someone who quietly excelled and continually demonstrated exceptionalism in the classroom and clinic by leading by example. This year’s recipient was Zanayah Richardson.

Steve Walz from USF Athletic Medicine then recognized two graduates with awards from his department, which serves as a clinical site for all of our students as part of their clinical experiences. Their first award was the Green & Gold award, and this year’s recipient was Zanayah Richardson.

The next award given out by sports medicine was the Lisa Barth Memorial Award for most improved athletic training student. This year’s recipient was Maegan Manrow.

Lastly, our Post-Professional Advanced Program Director, Dr. Lopez recognized graduates from her program and awarded her Outstanding Advanced Athletic Training Student Award. This year there were four recipients:

Alexandra Burcham – Pictures above

Gregory Garofalo

Brianna Pruitt

Diana Schulze

A special congratulations to all of our graduates of the Class of 2022 and our award recipients. We are excited to see what you accomplish and hear about your successes as continue to be involved in the program as USF alumni.