Dr. Tajiri’s Research is Widely Published

Tajiri and 6 Journals_Apr 2015

Research Scientist Dr. Naoki Tajiri, Assistant Professor in the School of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Sciences and the Department of Neurosurgery & Brain Repair, has co-authored several manuscripts recently accepted for publication.

“No pain, no gain: Lack of exercise obstructs neurogenesis” will appear in Cell Transplantation, an Open Access journal. Co-authors include Nate Watson, Dr Xunming Ji, Dr Takao Yasuhara, Dr Isao Date, Dr Yuji Kaneko, and Dr Cesar Borlongan.

“Kainic acid-induced golgi complex fragmentation/dispersal shifts the proteolysis of reelin in primary rat neuronal cells: An in vitro model of early stage epilepsy” will appear in Molecular Neurobiology, a review journal showcasing topics at the forefront of contemporary molecular brain research. Co-authors include Dr Yuji Kaneko, Robert Sullivan, Travis Dailey, Dr Fernando Vale, and Dr Cesar Borlongan.
“Stem cell-paved biobridges facilitate stem transplant and host brain cell interactions for stroke therapy” is published in Brain Research, an international multidisciplinary journal devoted to fundamental research in the brain sciences. Co-authors include Kelsey Duncan, Gabe Gonzales-Portillo, Dr. Sandra Acosta, Dr. Yuji Kaneko, and Dr Cesar Borlongan.

“Developments in intracerebral stem cell grafts” will be published in Expert Review of Neurotherapeutics, a journal providing expert reviews on the use of drugs and medicines in clinical neurology and neuropsychiatry. Stephanny Reyes and Dr Cesar Borlongan are co-authors.

“Neuroinflammatory responses to traumatic brain injury: Etiology, clinical consequences, and therapeutic opportunities” will appear in Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment, an international, peer-reviewed journal focusing on clinical therapeutics and pharmacology. Co-authors include Diego Lozano, Gabe S. Gonzales-Portillo, Dr Sandra Acosta, Dr Ike dela Peña, Dr Yuji Kaneko, and Dr Cesar Borlongan.

”Granulocyte colony-stimulating factor attenuates delayed tPA-induced hemorrhagic transformation in ischemic stroke rats by enhancing angiogenesis and vasculogenesis” will be published in the Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism, Co-authors include Dr. Ike dela Peña, Arum Yoo, Dr. Sandra Acosta, Dr. Xunming Ji, Dr. Yuji Kaneko, and Dr Cesar Borlongan.