Orthopaedic Practice Feature

The recent issue of the APTA Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Practice was a special university issue that featured our School. In this issue they focused on three residency case reports and three DPT capstone systematic reviews completed by our faculty, students, alums, and orthopaedic residents. The issue featured the following studies:

  • Definition Variability of Chronic Non-specific Low Back Pain in Physical Therapy: A Scoping Review of Literature.
    • Dustin Hardwick, Marian Becker, Kathleen Essick, Noela Lalime, Rasa Staniulyte, Douglas Haladay
  • SEBT vs YBT – Effectiveness in Assessing Lower Extremity Functional Balance in Individuals with Lower Extremity Dysfunction: A Systematic Review.
    • Erin Barrero John Bonilla, Stephanie Lindsey, Arlene Shi, Emilee Sobucki, Aimee B. Klein
  • Musculoskeletal Injuries in Irish Dancers: A Systematic Review.
    • Brittany Morrissey, Allison Welch, Aimee B. Klein
  • Short-term Management Following a BioCartilage Allograft of the Talar Dome: A Case Report.
    • Caroline Schlais, Aimee B. Klein, Matthew Lazinski
  • An Extension-based Treatment Approach for a Patient with a Hip Arthrodesis and Radiating Low Back Pain.
    • Lee Bland, Matthew Lazinski, Aimee B. Klein, Douglas Haladay
  • Interpreting the Modified Low Back Pain Disability Questionnaire in a Patient with Chronic Low Back Pain.
    • Dana Webb, Laura Lee (Dolly) Swisher, Douglas Haladay

To learn more about the APTA Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Practice or access the full volume visit: https://www.orthopt.org/content/membership/publications.