SPTRS Director to Present at International Congress on Soldiers’ Physical Performance

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Dr. Sandy Quillen, Director of SPTRS and Associate Dean of MCOM will present at the 3rd International Congress on Soldiers’ Physical Performance (ICSPP) to be held in Boston August 18-21, 2014. The manuscript titled “Reduction of the Risk for Low Back Injury in Military Warfighters” was co-authored by Dr. John Mayer, Lincoln Endowed Chair of Chiropractic & Biomechanical Research and Coordinator of Research for the SPTRS; along with Lt Col John Childs, Brett Neilson, MAJ Shane Koppenhaver, and CPT Will Pitts of the US Army-Baylor University Doctoral Program in Physical Therapy and Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine.

Low back pain is one of the major causes of disability in the US Armed Forces. The USF and Army-Baylor research aimed to assess the impact of high intensity progressive resistance exercise on lumbar extension strength gains in a cadre of physically fit combat medic students.