SPT&RS New Classroom Construction

(Dr. Swisher, School Director pictured with construction foreman, Chris and superintendent, Cliff)

The University of South Florida (USF) School of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Sciences (SPT&RS) recently started a new construction project to create the largest classroom within their facilities. The School is combining storage space and a smaller classroom to make a larger classroom that can hold 75+ people, and will help to advance the DPT program.  The new space will be more interactive, flexible, and provide a hybrid learning environment to serve multiple needs of students and the School. The new space will be a “smart” classroom outfitted with re-configurable furniture that can be used as a large group space, small group work stations, or even traditional classroom style.

The “smart” part of the classroom is that the space will be outfitted with TV monitors and cameras that can be used in a large group format or in a smaller group format. It will also be outfitted with AirMedia that will allow wireless transmission from various work stations or the main classroom. The technology will allow for a collaborative teaching and learning environment that will promote working in teams on complex problems, sharing of diverse perspectives, and integrating varied knowledge and skills.


Demolition Week 1 (Jan. 28-Feb. 1)

This construction project will be one of the biggest environmental changes for the School since inception in 1998, and will allow the School to teach in an interactive and innovative environment.

Construction began on January 28 and is expected to be completed in late April 2019.

Updated pictures of the progress will be posted below each week. Make sure you check back to keep up with the project.


Week 2 (Feb. 4) – Demolition Complete!

Week 2 (Feb. 8) – Framing has begun.



Week 3 (Feb. 14) – Framing, Electrical, and Plumbing work.

Week 7 (March 8) – Painting has begun. Next step will be ceiling.