SPTRS Students & Faculty Win USF Health Research Day Awards

Four SPTRS students and two SPTRS faculty received awards at USF Health’s 27th annual Research Day. DPT Class of 2017 students Roberto Aponte, Jamie Dolley, David Hoke, and Lucas Simari collaborated with faculty mentors Dr. Seok Hun Kim (SPTRS) and Dr. Kyle Reed (Mechanical Engineering) on a poster presentation entitled “Gait Symmetry Following Sand-Assisted Locomotor Training.” The presentation won the Best MCOM Graduate Student Poster Presentation in Clinical Science Research.


USF Physical Therapy Center Coordinator, Dr. Kyle Watterson, is also a doctoral student in the Health Policy and Management program of the USF College of Public Health. His sole-authored poster presentation of “Nowhere to Hide: Using Hospital Patient Encounter Data to Reveal Medical Practice Outliers,” won one of the awards for Best College of Public Health Poster Presentation.