Students Represent SPTRS and BRIDGE at Pro Bono Networking Conference

Second-year students Brittany Davis and Emily Ojea will represent SPTRS and the USF Health BRIDGE clinic at the 3rd Annual Networking conference of the Physical Therapy Pro Bono Network held in Chester, Pennsylvania on March 14, 2015.

Ms. Davis and Ms. Ojea will present “Determining a Correlation Between Patient Attendance, Satisfaction, and Outcomes,” a 3-phase study in which they investigate a correlation between attendance, patient satisfaction, and ultimately patient outcomes at BRIDGE. Co-authors of the poster include DPT3 students Jillian Donohue and Zazu Garate, along with SPTRS Director Dr. Sandy Quillen and faculty member Dr. Rebecca Edgeworth. BRIDGE stands for “Building Relationships and Initiatives Dedicated to Gaining Equality.” The clinic’s mission is to provide healthcare setting where patients are treated compassionately and cared for through the collaboration of students and faculty from different healthcare disciplines.