A letter to my USF Health colleagues
June 21, 2013

Dear Colleagues, It is with mixed emotions today that I tell you I have accepted a new position as president of Thomas Jefferson University and president and CEO of the Thomas Jefferson University Hospital System. This is an exciting opportunity for me, and I am thrilled to be able to lead such highly regarded institutions during […]

Working together for Tampa Bay’s innovative health future
May 17, 2013

At Monday’s MediFuture2023 event, I laid out my vision for the future of how Tampa Bay could look as a hub for healthcare innovation.  I want to see it happen: Downtown Tampa as a mecca for healthcare’s most entrepreneurial activities, a new mini-Silicon Valley for disruptive information technology, biomedical engineering and common-sense solutions to healthcare. It […]

For our health care, a new medicine
May 6, 2013

By Rick Homans and Dr. Stephen Klasko Have you ever watched an industry transform and said, “I wish I had thought of that?” Have you ever wished Facebook or Apple was your idea? Well, here’s your chance … before it happens. Health care is on the brink of its largest metamorphosis in our lifetime. In the past, most communities have allowed others to make — and profit — from revolutionary changes while they reacted to those shifts. But as Buckminster Fuller once said, “You never change things by fighting the […]

Educating the Dr. Welbys of tomorrow
March 21, 2013

In the 1960s, the quintessential doctor show featured Marcus Welby, MD: a primary care physician who made house calls, didn’t charge patients who couldn’t afford it, maybe even delivered a calf on the side of the road — all before performing difficult surgery on a young patient. Fast forward to 2012, and we are treated to non-stop House, the drug-addicted, narcissistic (but brilliant) 21st century physician. How did we physicians go from saints to sinners so quickly in the public’s eye? Solving that question has driven my research for the last ten years. Why do […]

Research Day 2013: Bringing USF Health together
February 22, 2013

httpv://youtu.be/bvyUFuihcuo The great thing about USF Health Research Day is that it brings people together. What makes an academic medical center special is what’s behind it – the people who are taking care of patients and going to school and yet also making new scientific discoveries. When a patient is ill, or when they want to stay well, they don’t think about medicine, nursing, public health or pharmacy. They want everybody to come together as a team. That’s why what’s going to transform health in our community are the people […]

USF Health students ready to lead change in health care
February 19, 2013

One of the best things about our students in the USF Health Morsani College of Medicine is how many of them are already emerging as leaders. A group of our students just traveled to Capitol Hill to push for greater federal funding of graduate medical education. And one of those students, William Pearce, has just been […]

Changing the DNA of health care in Tampa Bay
January 7, 2013

It’s January 2013, and much of the last year was spent by those involved in leading health organizations wondering about health care reform — how the Supreme Court will rule, how the election will affect the affordability act and what impact all of this will have for patients and their doctors. The common denominator is that […]

Academic medicine: providing better care and a healthier future
December 11, 2012

Here at USF Health, we have the best kind of evidence for why academic medicine matters: a healthy baby girl. In October, one of our patients, Cynthia Coniglio gave birth to a full-term baby girl, Raven, after years of lost pregnancies and health complications. The arrival of Baby Raven is wonderful news for Coniglio and her […]

Paging Dr. Welby: Future doctors need emotional intelligence skills
November 7, 2012

As healthcare transforms itself, so must medical education. It’s not enough for medical schools simply to push for expanded enrollment. We need to provide the keys for transformation: students ready for teamwork, creativity, negotiation, communication. Those skills will build the future. That’s why we started a program that turns traditional med school priorities upside down — […]

“See one, do one, teach one:” No more
October 15, 2012

When any of us travel on an airplane, we know the pilot is competent. That’s because within the last year, that pilot has had his or her technical competence tested. If their performance did not fall within a narrow mean and standard deviation, they are not flying your plane. The aviation industry has even gone beyond […]

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