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“See one, do one, teach one:” No more
October 15, 2012

When any of us travel on an airplane, we know the pilot is competent. That’s because within the last year, that pilot has had his or her technical competence tested. If their performance did not fall within a narrow mean and standard deviation, they are not flying your plane. The aviation industry has even gone beyond […]

Shining a spotlight on our broken healthcare system
October 4, 2012

Check out the trailer for the new documentary, “Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare,” coming out Friday: httpv:// So far, it sounds like a movie I would make! It’s great to see the buzz surrounding a film that could help bring more attention to the problems of our broken healthcare system – problems that, as I have to repeat, are not affected by the Affordable Healthcare Act. We need to see this kind of visibility to help foster a broader societal debate on how we can create a […]