Research Day 2013: Bringing USF Health together


The great thing about USF Health Research Day is that it brings people together. What makes an academic medical center special is what’s behind it – the people who are taking care of patients and going to school and yet also making new scientific discoveries.

When a patient is ill, or when they want to stay well, they don’t think about medicine, nursing, public health or pharmacy. They want everybody to come together as a team.

That’s why what’s going to transform health in our community are the people right behind me – people from scientists who have worked here for decades to ninth-graders in The Villages Charter School. Research Day embodies our interprofessional, interdisciplinary model. I love it when people say, “Hi, I’m in the College of Pharmacy and I work with somebody in the College of Medicine.  I’m a ninth-grader, and I’m working with someone from Moffitt Cancer Institute.”

So if you look at Research Day as a microcosm, this is what USF Health is all about.

Video by Allyn DiVito, USF Health Information Services