About Us


Students With Asthma aims to provide a community for students living with asthma while in college.


USF Health is excited to launch Students With Asthma, a group for college age students living with the challenge of asthma.  The first chapter of this organization was established at the University of South Florida in Tampa, FL.  This organization is funded by a generous gift from The Patterson Foundation and is coordinated through Bringing Science Home.

Students With Asthma is built on the same platform as Students With Diabetes, also at USF and coordinated within Bringing Science Home.

Students With Asthma is devoted to understanding the challenges facing college students and strategizing ways to meet those challenges, allowing them to succeed. This is an organization that has dreams of nationwide membership. We envision students at all colleges and universities having the opportunity to connect with others like them and to learn about how to address asthma in real life. For us, this is the starting point for a successful adulthood with asthma – something all students deserve.

Life with a chronic condition is complicated and challenging.  It is our hope that by building communities of young adults with similar health challenges, the transition to adulthood will be easier and coping with health challenges less complicated.