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New research shows some sunscreens better than others
May 25, 2016    TAMPA (FOX 13) – When it comes to sunscreens, we all know the drill. Use a broad spectrum SPF 30 or greater, and slather on a shot glass full.  New research is helping prove its benefits and show sun bathers what dangers they might face. “It’s the first solid data that we have that is not only prevents […]

New Advancements in the Treatment of Psoriasis
July 8, 2013

Dr. Christopher Nelson will be speaking on New Advancements in the Treatment of Psoriasis this December 17, 2013 at 6:30pm. Please join us by signing up through This will be very informational for anyone who suffers with psoriasis. Christopher Nelson, MD. USF Health Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month
May 2, 2013

By: Brendan McLaughlin TAMPA – The broad expanse of 63-year-old Richard Partyka’s back is a rough neighborhood, covered with scar tissue from his many run-ins with with Dr. Christopher Nelson. “These are where he had spots cut out.  This was the melanoma,” said Dr. Nelson, USF’s director of dermatology research clinic, pointing out the healed incisions on Partyka’s freckled skin. […]

Adult Acne can be a stubborn problem to treat
March 12, 2013

TAMPA (FOX 13) -It’s rough for any teenager, and downright devastating for grown women in their 40s or 50s. Adult acne is a complex medical problem, and dermatologists are seeing more of it. “We have more women with adult acne than we do have teenagers in our practice,” says Dermatologist Dr. Victoria Cirillo. “It’s because the hormone levels are changing […]

Neil Alan Fenske receives surgeon of the year award
November 21, 2012

U.S. News Top Doctors are at USF Health
October 11, 2011

Twenty-four USF Health physicians are among the top 1 percent of physicians in the entire country, according to Top Doctors, a recently published list from U.S. News & World Report and Castle Connolly, publisher of America’s Top Doctors. U.S. News & World Report recently released its list of the Top Doctors – one of many much anticipated rankings the magazine […]