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The Future of Pharmacy by Kevin Sneed, PharmD

The Future of Pharmacy is Here…Today!!

The University of South Florida College of Pharmacy (USFCOP) continues to move forward to the Future of Health!!   From the very beginning, we sought to create a professional environment that would allow young professionals, both student and faculty, the opportunity to grow and mature along with our program.  Our goal has been to create an environment that would provide a unique set of resources that allows motivated individuals to expand their horizons, and create pathways to excellence in health.  We are well on our way to accomplishing this goal!

The healthcare environment in America is changing rapidly.  We have a significantly graying population, chronic diseases are prevalent, and there is a looming expected shortage of primary care providers.   Beginning in 2011, Baby Boomers officially became eligible for Medicare benefits.  This Medicare eligibility will continue at a rate of greater than 10,000 persons per day…for the next 16 years! Health in America must undergo a significant transformation to produce greater efficiencies, enhanced access, and improved outcomes.

The USFCOP is focused on the future of health in America.  We have four pillars that define our emphasis on the future of health: 1) Geriatrics 2) Translational Pharmacogenomics 3) Leadership/ Management and 4) Informatics.  These are four areas that will exist and expand into the future, regardless of circumstances in America.  These four pillars provide opportunities to achieve healthier communities, improve the overall quality of life of people in these communities, all while focusing on areas of need and emerging health technologies.

To achieve healthier communities, patient-centered care must become a reality, and not simply a buzzword.  If the patient is to truly be at the center of care, interprofessional teams must be created, especially outside of institutional care systems. At USF Health, we are committed to training the next generation of practitioners and professionals that will implement healthcare as a team, all with a focus of achieving quality, safety, and value for people in our communities.  The USFCOP has a laser focus on the future of health, and we will work tirelessly to develop pharmacist clinicians that provide outstanding care, are acclimated to interprofessional teams, and are utilizing emerging health innovations to help patients engage in their own health.  At the USF College of Pharmacy, the Future starts Today!