Tampa Bay Times: For Pinellas’ new health director, the patient is ‘the whole population’

Choe The Tampa Bay Times recently published an article on Dr. Ulyee Choe’s appointment to the position of Director of the Pinellas Health Department. The article notes that when Dr. Choe was selected for the position in August it was more than a promotion, it was a homecoming. Dr. Choe’s family moved from Kuwait City to Clearwater Beach when he was a child and he has called Pinellas home ever since. As such, this appointment is especially meaningful to Dr. Choe who notes in the article, “My heart is here.”

With the health of the whole Pinellas population in mind, Dr. Choe has big plans as he settles into the job. Following the Pinellas County Community Health Improvement Plan, Dr. Choe aims to make behavioral health a priority, improve overall access to care, and help Pinellas residents achieve a healthy weight.

Read the Tampa Bay Times article here.