LEADERSHIP in Inter-Professional Student Organizations

Our journey into the depths of organizational leadership opportunities via USF College of Pharmacy (COP) takes us now to inter-professional organizations.  Please revisit previous blogs in this series for more information on other organizations (insert links to other blogs here). Though other inter-professional organizations and opportunities exist, the following two organizations embraced our COP more rapidly. COP student leaders in each organization describe the leadership opportunities in these inter-professional organizations:


Building Relationships and Initiatives Dedicated to Gaining Equality (BRIDGE) Clinic – Theresa Trindade

The BRIDGE Clinic is a student run free clinic at the University of South Florida started by medical school students in 2007.  The mission of the clinic is to bring quality healthcare to the uninsured through the collaboration of the health science disciplines including medicine, physical therapy, social work, public health, and pharmacy. The BRIDGE pharmacy clinic launched in October of 2012 and is a completely student driven effort. We have been providing services such as medication reviews, medication therapy management, education and prescription counseling among many others. As the clinic grows, we look forward to adding many more services with increased student involvement in our staff and committee positions.


International Health Service Collaborative (IHSC) – Kayla Mackanin, Co-President 2013-2014

ISHC is an interdisciplinary group of USF Health students, faculty, and professionals dedicated to promoting sustainable health in underserved communities in the US and abroad.  Typically the organization is led by 2 co-presidents, one of whom focuses on the annual mission trip to communities abroad and the other who leads projects within the local USF community.  IHSC looks for dedicated individuals who are active in the organization during their first year of professional school at USF Health to hold officer positions during their second and third years of academic study.  Officer positions are elected during the Spring semester after the international mission trip and include co-president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, public relations chair, co-fundraising chairs, and educational/developmental affairs chair.

Contact information for each organization is as follows:

Building Relationships and Initiatives Dedicated to Gaining Equality (BRIDGE) Clinic: http://health.usf.edu/bridge/index.htm

Theresa Trindade, Pharmacy Clinic Co-Director 2012-2014, mtrindad@health.usf.edu

International Health Service Collaborative (IHSC):

http://health.usf.edu/student_orgs/IHSC/index.htm (USF Health), https://hscweb3.hsc.usf.edu/mcom_studentcouncil/org_IHSC/ (MCOM Student Council)

Shivani Gogna, Public Relations Chair 2013-2014, sgogna@health.usf.edu