USF Graduate Council approves the COP Graduate Certificate: Pharmacy-Update and Practice Management (PUPM)

With the approval of the USF Graduate Council, COP is ready to roll out its graduate programs beginning with a Graduate Certificate in Pharmacy-Update and Practice Management (PUPM). This is a one- to two-year online graduate course designed for PharmD students, pharmacy interns or registered pharmacists and others. This course provides a clear extension and continuation of the cross-disciplinary, integrated approach to learning and teaching undertaken in the PharmD and Master of Science programs in the Colleges of Medicine and Engineering. It is for pharmacists who wish to develop exceptional clinical skills relevant to contemporary pharmacy practice. This program provides intern or established pharmacists with an opportunity to build upon their existing study to fast-track the completion of a Graduate Certificate in PUPM. This Graduate Certificate will be available for admission in August 2014. This graduate certificate is designed to attract a broad array of clinicians and other health-care professionals who are seeking advanced training in contemporary pharmacy practice and translational pharmaceutics, as scientific advances in pharmaceutics, pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics along with new approaches to pharmacy management are transforming daily activities for patients with drug interactions. More details about this Graduate Certificate will be forthcoming.

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