Higi- The new healthcare superstation at Publix
November 4, 2013

Written by: Philip Bonet, Class of 2015 I recently walked into my local Publix grocery store intent on purchasing a few veggies, some fruit, chicken, and a bottle of wine. I was walking near the pharmacy and in the corner of my eye I saw a new machine where the old blood pressure machine used to […]

LEADERSHIP in the College of Pharmacy
October 29, 2013

Written by: Morgen Jaeger, Class of 2015 Opportunities for leadership within our USF College of Pharmacy (COP) are abound. As one of the pillars of our college, not only is leadership a focus of several in-class lectures, but there are multiple organizations in which you can become involved (many with specific leadership focus), leadership positions within […]

Florida Pharmacy Association and NPI Drive
October 21, 2013

By: Kayla Mackanin, PharmD Candidate of 2015 The Florida Pharmacy Association is comprised of various councils and committees that aid the Board of Directors in understanding the issues faced by the pharmacy profession.  Among the 5 standing councils, all of which have USF-COP student representation, is the Professional Affairs Council.  The focus of FPA’s Professional Affairs […]

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