Higi- The new healthcare superstation at Publix
November 4, 2013

Written by: Philip Bonet, Class of 2015 I recently walked into my local Publix grocery store intent on purchasing a few veggies, some fruit, chicken, and a bottle of wine. […]

LEADERSHIP in the College of Pharmacy
October 29, 2013

Written by: Morgen Jaeger, Class of 2015 Opportunities for leadership within our USF College of Pharmacy (COP) are abound. As one of the pillars of our college, not only is […]

Florida Pharmacy Association and NPI Drive
October 21, 2013

By: Kayla Mackanin, PharmD Candidate of 2015 The Florida Pharmacy Association is comprised of various councils and committees that aid the Board of Directors in understanding the issues faced by […]

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