• patient safety


    • USF Health is focused on providing the safest care for our patients. To accomplish this goal, we currently employ a robust electronic health records system, known as Epic, to improve patient outcomes. This system allows physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other health professionals to determine the best course of care for each individual patient.

  • strategic goals


    • USF Health is a leader in shaping a future that puts the patient at the center of the health care team. Our academic health center’s collaborative approach to education, research and clinical practice adds value to the compassionate patient care we deliver, combining the strengths and perspectives of physicians, nurses, pharmacists, public health professionals, physical therapists, physician assistants and other health professionals.

  • quality improvements


    • USF Health is a proud health care leader in Florida’s southwest region. We use evidence-based medicine, individualized treatment plans and patient safety mechanisms to ensure that our patients have the best outcomes while lowering their costs. Our health care providers are committed to making life better.

Patient Experience with Richard J. Sobieray

January 16, 2017

USF Health continues to reinvent itself as it faces the demands and challenges of today's health care. Richard J. Sobieray, MHA, MsEd, CPA, senior associate vice president for health administration at USF Health and chief executive officer for USF Physicians Group, says the goal is to collaboratively work together with all health care di.....


Changes in Health Care with Dr. Charles J. Lockwood

January 16, 2017

USF Health embraces a patient-centered model of care. We have interdisciplinary teams of physicians, nurses, pharmacists and physical therapists who coordinate treatment using electronic records to ensure the best outcomes. Charles J. Lockwood, MD, senior vice president for USF Health and dean of the Morsani College of Medicine, says focusing on pr.....


Investments in USF Health with Dr. Edmund Funai

May 16, 2017

USF Health is providing the necessary resources to give patients the best visit experience. Edmund Funai, MD, chief operating officer for USF Health, vice dean for administration for Morsani College of Medicine, and vice president for strategic development at the USF System, says USF Health values patients and their wants and needs. Each step of th.....


Jay Wolfson, DrPH, JD

When the policies and practices of the health care system focus on improving outcomes, access and cost, everybody wins."


Care And Safety

July 31, 2016

Lucy Guerra, MD, on Patient Care

It’s in Dr. Lucy Guerra’s genes to be completely drawn in to the team-based patient care offered at USF Health. Her own Latino heritage includes a close-knit family that is involved in nearly every aspect of life, including each other’s health. Knowing she is living true to who she is, she practices team-based medicine every day, putting her patients first, reinfo.....


August 31, 2016

Terri Ashmeade, MD, MS, CPHQ, on Patient Safety

Neonatal intensive care units (NICU) have some of our most vulnerable patients, babies in need of expert critical care. Because every interaction, every touch, with these newborns must be precise, with little margin for error, these NICUs must be a paragon of optimum patient safety. Terri Ashmeade, MD, MS, CPHQ, embraces every aspect of that realm. She is associate prof.....


September 30, 2016

Harry van Loveren, MD, on Patient Care

Over and over again, Harry van Loveren, MD, walks through a surgery in his mind before actually cutting open the brain of his patient, perfecting every step and accounting for everything he will encounter, the expected and the unexpected. Dr. van Loveren is chair of the Department of Neurosurgery and vice dean for Clinical Affairs for the USF Health Morsani College of M.....


University of South Florida


"Pioneering nanotechnology research has application for cardiovascular diseases."



University of South Florida


Chief Operating Officer and Vice President for Administration for USF Health, Vice President for Strategic Development for USF System

You have to take care of the team that provides the care so that they can provide the best care."
USF Health: To envision and implement the future of health.

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