USF Health Encourages Teamwork, with Dr. Thomas Rutherford

An academic institution, such as USF Health, has the advantage of being a place where teamwork is not only encouraged, but thrives. One benefit of teamwork in health care is, “no matter what one person knows, somebody always can look at the situation from a different point of view and it opens up a whole new world,” says Thomas Rutherford, PhD, MD, professor and division director of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the USF Health Morsani College of Medicine. New perspectives introduced through teamwork can lead to new discoveries and better ways to deliver care.


How USF Health Leads the Way in Team-Based Care, with Dr. Edmund Funai

USF Health has long embraced interdisciplinary care and training. With its combination of colleges and schools, encompassing medicine, nursing, public health, pharmacy and physical therapy, USF Health’sinterventional approach to treatment is strengthened by its dynamic ability to also focus on population health, wellness and harnessing data to answer complex questions. Dr. Funai says USF Health has the opportunity to grow the whole health care team that works together to benefit the patient, “because that’s where the focus always needs to be.”




Outstanding Experience for our Patients

August 7, 2017


A large portion of health care value is embedded in the patient experience. Dr. Funai says each person who interacts with patients becomes part of the overall experience of care. USF Health encourages all health care professionals, at every touch point, to make warm and human connections with patients.



Improving Customer Service in Health Care

July 17, 2017


Successful business models could help improve patient satisfaction in health care. Dr. Funai says that the health care field needs to learn from other industries to improve themselves and their customers’ expectations. Companies like Disney and Ritz Carlton maximize customer experience, and health care can certainly use a similar approach to advance their overall tactics to improve patient satisfaction.



Current State of USF Health

June 30, 2017


USF Health is transforming clinical care to help improve patient experience and satisfaction. Dr. Funai says recent infrastructure investments will help measure quality improvements. Through these efforts, our goal is to help deliver the safest, most timely and effective care for patients.






Investments in USF Health

June 15, 2017

USF Health is providing the necessary resources to give patients the best visit experience. Edmund Funai, MD, chief operating officer at USF Health, vice dean for administrational at the Morsani College of Medicine and senior vice president for strategic development at the USF System, says USF Health values patients and their wants and needs. Each step of the patients’ visits and each person they interact with, from beginning to end, is an opportunity for us to satisfy them and ensure that their care is perfectly coordinated – to ease the frustrations that are typical with the health care system.



USF Health: To envision and implement the future of health.

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