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Caring For Your Heart through Cancer
February 22, 2019

Dr. Michael Fradley, a USF Health Cardio-Oncologist and cancer survivor, has dedicated his life’s work to mitigating the impact cancer treatment can have on the hearts of patients. As a […]

My Relationship with My Thyroid
February 19, 2019

The thyroid gland is one of those organs we like to blame things on. When we are feeling out of sorts, we have a tendency to say, “it must be my thyroid.” […]

Vascular Health 101
February 13, 2019

Vascular health is all about good blood flow. When a patient has obstructed blood flow, they can develop a range of vascular conditions from decreased circulation in limbs to blockages […]

Parent Guide to Juuling (Vaping)
February 13, 2019

  Strong Virginia tobacco, menthol, mint, crème, fruit, mango, and even cucumber, Juul offers a rainbow of vaping flavors. Teenagers in masses are blowing fruit filled clouds with their battery-powered […]

The Chocolate Mystic
February 8, 2019

  Is Valentine’s Day about love or is it really about the chocolate and pure indulgence? The seductive, decadent allure of chocolate is enough to tempt and entice even the […]

Essential Oils for Children: Friend or Foe?
February 1, 2019

Parents are always looking for the next best thing in raising children, including natural, organic products and complimentary alternative medicine (CAM). One example of these methods is essential oils, with […]